Texas Roads - TX 77

This and the shield atop the page were once southwest of Atlanta as TX 77 WB left US 59 in 1978, courtesy Michael Summa. I found this guide sign that predates the white-on-green standard in the background of the shield, even though I can't make it out.

TX 77 WB at US 59 (left sign) and the EB split from US 59 NB (right sign). In neither case am I referring to a mythical Truck 59.

Douglassville gets really creative with street names. Or maybe they're just reinforcing cardinal directions already on the shields.

LA 1 NB at the border where it becomes TX 77. Just off in the brush is a much less conspicuous but much more interesting border marker:

Park and walk about 50 feet to this little square monument by a tree root. Facing south, "LA." is inscribed on the narrow edge. "TEXAS" of course needs to be the largest, sprawled out on the northwest face of the stone. Finally, circle around to the back and you'll be standing in "ARK." There are plenty of state tripoints out there, but this is the most accessible.

This photo was taken in three states at once.

Into Louisiana from the LA/TX/AR tripoint on LA 1

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