Texas Roads - Old US 380, Brazos River

Former US 380 across the Brazos River

Walking east from Miller Bend Rd. on the old road, still faintly striped, to the mouth of the old bridge. It seems that the clearance was once 15'-3" instead of 14'-3", but there's no obvious reason why the foot was lost. Maybe it was where on the truss the distance was measured.

Continuing east along the tree-lined truss. You don't get to say (or see) that very often.

Looking north (with current US 380) and south along the Brazos River.

Details along the bridge, including reflective cracking at a deck joint.

Looking east from the end of the bridge at the eastern approach, which rejoins current US 380 around the curve.

Walking back west from there. Well, standing and walking. Kinda like Rory Calhoun.

Current US 380, Brownfield to Wise Co. WB construction
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