Texas Roads - Loop 375

Loop 375, El Paso

The beginning of the route counterclockwise (CCW) from downtown El Paso, passing under the Paso del Norte Bridge. The vehicular part in the middle is one-way into the USA so presumably has a long backup, but check out the queue of pedestrians into Mexico (typically a short wait by car).

Looking east at Comanche Peak.

Typical median design for a good part of the east-west border freeway (and elsewhere on Loop 375).

Almost the only button copy left (you'll see another photo soon), and all EB/CCW onto the ramp.

If these shields seem mismatched, it's just you. This is on the EB-NB frontage road at Farm Road 258 near Socorro, right at the corner of the route where it changes directions.

At/over I-10. Texas uses 3-digit width shields for all Interstates on new signs, but somehow slipped up and used a 2-digit shield on this one. To make up for what wasn't an error, they stretched the shield to 3-digit width. I'm also quite sure that the arrow is not standard.

Like before, some decorative scenery along the freeway (at Pelicano Dr.) and some WB/CCW button copy, the only other assembly I saw and facing directly into the evening sun.

The current WB/CCW freeway end is just before US 54, which is currently under construction to change to west of US 54. This is the last planned piece of Loop 375 freeway, through Northeast El Paso, with the rest through the mountains remaining as four lanes divided with occasional at-grade access (for driveways and scenic areas). It appears that access between the two freeways (US 54 being the other) will remain via the current frontage road intersections and slip ramps, so there will be no true connectivity between them. Given TxDOT's propensity for unnecessary stack interchange construction, this is unusually lame of them.

EB up the Franklin Mountains grade to the scenic pullout at the summit. Notice that the four-lane divided section begins right at the state park entrance.

The view from the summit back west at the Loop 375 freeway. The bridge in the middle is Railroad Drive, while the less lumpy one to the left is over Bomarc St.

As I noted above, there's a two-lane undivided section of Loop 375 west of Franklin Mountains State Park. It's a fairly short section, and the highway widens out again to four lanes at Northwestern Dr. Actually, this looks to be the future end of the divided section, and the WB lanes (seen here facing west as a stub to the right) would tie into the right two lanes into the I-10 interchange.

Looking back east (with better lighting) at the stub. With less than 3 miles of divided highway to be completed, it's only a matter of time before development somewhere in northern El Paso will warrant the construction.

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