Texas Roads - Loop 288

Loop 288, Denton

Really descriptive, guys. WB and EB, respectively.

Improper use of Clearview on black text, improper use of wide shields on a 2-digit Interstate, improper use of "Exit" in the singular when there are obviously two exits. Also, improper use of a background that reflects rainbows into drivers' eyes. We're not unicorns, rainbows don't help us grow.

Though they are pretty. Just like unicorns.

Loop 288 WB ends at a stub with obvious continuation potential. The future left lane is barriered off, and there's a very tight cloverleaf interchange. I don't get why it has to be 10 MPH when there's so much land all around - why not have actual loops? The "Temporary" sign gives me a very little glimmer of hope that this situation may change, but it probably just means that the end of the road is temporary. Also, why allow a U-turn when it's just as easy to use the cloverleaf ramps to do it, and eliminates an unexpected point of conflict?

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