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Graham and former US 380

Oak St. downtown, starting at 4th St. and heading down to and past 3rd St. This is the west side of the de facto square with the Young County Courthouse.

Hanging above Oak St. at 3rd St., seen SB. Since when would you have a 4-way intersection where not every approach is signalized? Those small signs are meant for stop signs only.

Looking south at the courthouse from 4th St. in the first photo, then north from 3rd St. in the other photos. I guess whatever fate befell the first two courthouses, this one felt a need to conceal itself.

One more downtowny building on the south side of 4th St. Now that I'm east of Elm St., this is old US 380. (Elm is TX 16, and US 380 once turned from east on 4th to north on Elm before bypassing town to the north.)

The street and block number tiles are set along the south side of 4th St. Between these two blocks, there's a really pretty house on the north side of the street. All the land on this side other than this one property belongs to Standpipe Mountain Park, and I can't even see the mountain from 4th St., yet there's no reference to what this house is in terms of any historical or present significance. Must just be a very expensive place to live.

Another ancient signal, 4th St. WB at East St. It's so old, there's a brief blank pause between phases, which I managed to capture as the side street turned red but before the main street could turn green.

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