Tennessee Roads - Walnut St. Bridge, Chattanooga

Walnut Street Bridge, Chattanooga

Westward views of the bridge from Veterans Memorial Bridge, with the Market St. Bridge behind. Walnut Street's bridge was built in 1890 and Market St. opened in 1917.

Heading toward the bridge with a peek from Frazier Ave.

Walking across the reputed longest pedestrian-only bridge in the world. Since it wasn't even built as such, I don't know how I feel about that designation.

Some sights to the west: the restored 1894 Coolidge Carousel and the decorative bridge rail.

The remaining sight to the west: the Market St. Bridge.

More views of the structure, including the cute bridge tender house and my favorite part, the shiny brass gear that facilitates 1/4 of the double bascule lift operation of the span.

Side views from the south side of the bridge. If you look carefully, the Riverfront Pkwy. bridge beneath is no longer a divided highway, but both lanes are on the former WB side. I go into that more on the Chattanooga page linked at bottom.

Looking north from there.

Ending the page with a walk back north.

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