Tennessee Roads - US 70

Memphis still signs truck routes with a black circle instead of a green one, and it's still wrong. This is on US 64/70/79/TN 1 EB/NB, which is more of a mouthful than saying "Summer St."

EB under I-440, which is split-level as it prepares for its wye interchange at I-40 just to the north.

The Nashville skyline is marred by a sign that set its lower case text height 3/4 of its upper case height. Always use the same height and the lower case letters will manage themselves!

US 70 EB turns and briefly becomes a frontage road for I-40/65. (Both are up there, despite the "TO.") The last photo is at Church St. just before US 70 gets to US 431 and US 70S.

This photo faces west on Charlotte Ave. as US 70 WB turns off of the frontage road (to the left) and heads straight under I-40/65. This is actually one of the newest original bridges on I-40, dating to around 1970 when the final freeway link was constructed through Nashville. I-65 only joined it in 2000, formerly using the east side of the loop (I-24).

Proof that US 70 shares a concurrency with its own child route. It's also with US 431 here, unsigned for no good reason.

In downtown Nashville, US 70 EB sheds the other routes onto US 31/US 41 and comes here before continuing out to the wide shield atop the page. The second photo is the 2004 Gateway Bridge.

That bridge replaced the 1909 Sparkman St. (later Shelby St.) Bridge just to the north, which is now a pedestrian bridge. You can see the earliest use of concrete arch trusses in North America along US 70 WB (1st Ave.).

Don't stop for the pizza in Lebanon. Best not to stop at all in case he comes for you.

US 70 WB follows the end of US 11E SB into mainline US 11 as it merges with US 11W.

US 11 WB and US 25 NB cross French Broad River east of Newport, courtesy Lou Corsaro. Needless to say, the old bridge is no longer with us.

US 11 and US 70/11
TN 53 and US 70/TN 53

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