Tennessee Roads - US 441/TN 71

US 441/TN 71

TN 71 is the secret designation for US 441 throughout Tennessee - outside of a section of Knoxville, but it applies to all of the photos on this page. All but one photo are northbound.

US 441 enters the state, TN 71 begins, and they hit the Morton Mountain or State Line Ridge Tunnel.

The terrain causes US 441 to pigtail under itself, a rarity in the East.

Another tunnel whose name I can't find, then a brief look back south before another curve demanding my attention and a more standard sign.

Cliff Branch keeps me company into Gatlinburg, where the sign suggests you should bear right on US 321 NB to get to I-40, but it totally depends which way you're going. I-40 WB to Knoxville or toward I-81 are much better served straight on US 441 (with US 321 SB).

The one SB photo is at Rivertrail Lane in Sevierville, between wrong-way multiplexes with US 321 and US 411. At least the one with US 411 is roughly west, but US 411 drags 321 way out of its way to Pigeon Forge. Wouldn't be a problem if US 321 were signed east-west like it should be.


On US 19/441, courtesy Lou Corsaro, this very old sign predates the switch of Tennessee state primary highways from the old triangles to the new decorated rectangles (with the state outline on the bottom). The letters all have different amounts of reflectivity left, and the 73 shield retains the TN inside!

US 321 and US 441/321
US 411 and US 441/411
US 11 and US 441/11/70

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