Tennessee Roads - US 41/US 11/TN 8

US 41, US 11/41, US 41/TN 8

US 41/TN 8 SB and US 76 EB come upon the 1929 Bachman Tunnels. TN 8 largely follows US 127 in TN but breaks free briefly in Chattanooga before glomming onto US 41. US 76, meanwhile, begins in downtown Chattanooga at the exact point US 72 ends, begging the question why they are separate routes.

This is a big one: US 41 SB, US 11 NB, US 64/US 72/secret TN 2 EB are entering Chattanooga. This is why TN 2 is secret. Too busy.

The north face of the sign (call it WB) and a look south along St. Elmo Ave. under the railroad that all these routes just crossed.

Historic railing on both sides of US 11/41/64/72 as I head east from the north end of TN 148.

More shield confusion and poor design. East is left, so what does that make right? To!

As of 2012, I could no longer travel the 1929 Marion Memorial Bridge across the Tennessee River/Nickajack Lake. These photos look wistfully north/west at construction of its replacement.

Views north of the river/lake and Walden Ridge south/east from there.

A plethora of bridge views from TN 156 into TN 134. You can see the slightly taller new piers and girders behind the classic bridge to accommodate several feet of lake rise from a new dam downstream.

This is the signed detour around the bridge, here on TN 156 EB. You may recall that this is US 41/64/72 and that TN 2 is secret. Not here! TN 2 gets an extra-wide shield to make up for the other missing routes that would be useful to sign instead.

A brief stop in Murfreesboro to admire the condition of these signs.

US 31A/US 41A turn right here, but this sign isn't very useful. I mean for that information. US 41 and 41A are concurrent through Nashville for fun.

US 31 NB is all by itself up to this roundabout, but it's joined by US 41, US 70S, and silently US 41A here. US 31A begins to the right, of course unsigned.

Everyone comes together around the Capitol. One could argue this is US 41A also, but it's not signed between its two US 41 junctions in the city.

US 41A/TN 12 NB in Clarksville.

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