Tennessee Roads - US 31E

US 31E

All photos are in Nashville.

TN 6 begins along US 43 from the Alabama border. US 31E begins with Ellington Pkwy. from downtown Nashville. Neither of these is 10.8 miles from this point just north of the latter location. This appears to be the mileage only within Davidson County. By the way, TN 6 is entirely a secret shadow route for US 43, 31, and 31E, so it makes no sense to show it on the milepost. A 31E shield would be ideal.

The new text is to get all those tourists back to the old surface alignment that US 31E follows north of here, Gallatin Pike. Freeway haters could also go straight where Ellington Pkwy. begins and get to the same spot.

Rivergate Pkwy. SB leaving Goodlettsville, worth the detour from Opryland.

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