Tennessee Roads - US 25E

US 25E

All photos are northbound.

From 1934-2017, US 25E crossed this truss bridge on its way north from US 25 in Newport, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

I'm not complaining about the National Park Service signs, altough the arrows are wonky on everything. I'm complaining to TDOT for not capitalizing state name abbreviations and for listing themselves. That arrow would be just fine without "Tn" in the way!

The old route through the town of Cumberland Gap features this historical sign on Colwyn St. (US 25E) at Merlyn St.

This shield almost certainly predates 1996, when the Cumberland Gap Tunnel was built to bypass the town.

The aforementioned 1996 tunnel on up to the Kentucky line.

This famous shield from the 1950s can also be found in downtown Cumberland Gap, though it has been fading badly in recent years. Click for closeup.

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