Tennessee Roads - US 231

US 231

This is the future TN 437 EB offramp to US 231. It ends here now but is planned for extension west to US 41A.

Poor shield south from there.

Some views of the future onramp to TN 437 WB. It's graded all the way around and onto the overpass but there's no WB lane to merge into yet.

Sign refresh needed, Murfreesboro.

The initial sign is deceiving in its simplicity. There's a lot to process here. I'm on US 231 SB and TN 96 WB, if that helps. Not shown is TN 99 coming in from the left and heading straight. Sure, there are enough signs without it, but I'd say that's more important than a route that's not even here (I-24).

You know this is an old alignment because it's called Old Lebanon Rd., SB past TN 452.

Up to Lebanon, Tennessee Blvd. WB in need of a taller post.

Lebanon's downtown features the Robert Hatton statue, urging you to die in war or by committing high treason instead of living a long and happy life.

The pizza place is on the southeast corner of the US 70 intersection. He will hunt you down and come to your house if you don't order pizza. Don't look him in the eye or all hope is lost.

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