Tennessee Roads - US 23/I-26

US 23 and I-26

Signs are NB (I-26 WB) or on side streets until the last photo.

As the US 23 corridor was upgraded northward between I-40 and I-81, I-181 has finally connected to the south and has become more of I-26. Now, you wouldn't even see an I-181 shield at the freeway, or if you do, please photograph it and send it to me. I find it interesting that TDOT decided to fit a 3di with two ones on a 2di shield. Courtesy H.B. Elkins.

Was the distance an afterthought?

This faces east at Exit 40, which becomes Jackson-Love Hwy. into Erwin. The I-26 shield is newer than the sign and yet looks older.

Exit numbers changed upon I-181's redesignation since it was north-south like US 23. The bridge is Highland Rd. in Johnson City.

We're going to Kingsport, guys! At least the sign has target value. US 23 is not going west here or anywhere.

TN 347 ends at a repurposed sign that was probably once just "US 23 North." How much cheaper was patching on shields and directional banners compared to just making a new sign?

A new rest area is under construction in 2014, and yet all the signs are already up despite more intensive work remaining.

Bays Mountain runs as a ridge to just southwest of Kingsport. Someday you'll be able to stay there, but it's not looking like today is that day.

Past Harrison Ave. to the Virginia border where the US 23 freeway ends; US 23 NB follows the left-lane exit ramp to a merge with TN 36, which is old US 23 through Kingsport and Johnson City. I-26 ended at US 11W. The second photo is right at the border and the sign belongs to a Virginia county, but since it was photographed from the TN side, it goes here.

The TN 36 BGS is fairly old, but the I-26/US 23 BGS is brand-new, because as I explained above, only very recently was I-26 extended anywhere near this area. That green thing on top of the sign is a green bird, marking a nature trail (what, on a freeway?).

Roan St. in Johnson City, former US 23

Into North Carolina on US 23
Into North Carolina on I-26
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