Tennessee Roads - US 11W

US 11W

All photos are northbound.

Heading north from Knoxville, Love's Creek Rd. ducks to the west.

A notable 1830 building prior to a notable 20th century sign in Joppa. This may be a state highway, but no way is that a state assembly.

Sadly, this one is a state job, at Broadway Dr. in Bean Station.

Old stuff entering Rogersville. The alignment is by Ross Circle.

More old stuff leaving Rogersville, on up to Church Hill. This old alignment is called Old Highway Rd.

Both sides of the road have a historic bridge (1950s or so) across Reedy Creek north of Kingsport.

A Tennessee assembly precedes a Virginia decision. The border runs through the middle of this intersection and continues to the right on State St. (TN 1, former US 421), but both US 11W and US 421 are in Virginia as they leave their junction. (US 421 SB follows 11W straight ahead now, so technically US 421 SB briefly enters TN while traffic turns left, but US 421 NB does not.)

South on mainline US 11
Over to US 11E

Into Virginia on US 11
Onto US 421 (in VA)
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