Tennessee Roads - US 11/US 70/US 441/TN 33

US 11 and US 11/70/441/TN 33

On its way south toward Georgia, US 11 faces Lookout Mountain. But first, it must squeeze through a tiny railroad overpass that harkens back to the early days of motoring. How this has never been upgraded on a major through corridor, I don't know. In fact, it's a secondary route (secret TN 38), but I would think it was primary before I-24 was built.

US 11 SB/US 64 WB through the 1950 WB tunnel. If I have my geography right, the EB tunnel is the original for both directions from 1913.

Shortly after the tunnel, US 11 SB/US 64 WB exit to Dodds Ave. while McCallie Ave. continues ahead over Dodds into downtown.

Up to Knoxville, US Eleven SB/US Seventy WB.

Heading southwest through University of Tennessee's campus, hence the overpasses. The historical signs are at Fift... err, 15th and 16th Streets respectively.

A look back at the northeastern bridge.

Signs dating to the 1982 World's Fair were still around in 2014, directing me from Western Ave. EB onto US 11/441/TN 33 SB and US 70 WB (Henley St.) and then ahead at Church Ave.

US 11/70/441/TN 33 head south(west) over a railroad wye just north of downtown Knoxville, interrupted by a building in the middle of the wye. The Broadway Viaduct dates to 1927.

US 41 and US 11/41
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