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TN 96

A springtime waterfall heading east from I-40. It's probably less interesting and more hidden other months.

TN 96 makes its way to the base of the impressive 1993 Natchez Trace Parkway bridge that saw the parkway extended north to TN 100.

WB views of same.

What about motorcycles? Rickshaws? Velocipedes? (The bottom once said "50.")

It's the milepost that's got me wondering, EB. I'm less than 5.96 miles from the Williamson County border, but much more if you count the first segment in the county (the one with the waterfall). I'm also more than 5.96 miles from TN 100. Measuring back takes me to Old Harding Pike, which was the former alignment of TN 96, so I guess the new alignment got its own mileposting in the 1970s.

Into Franklin, past 11th Ave. to 5th Ave., which is probably US 431 Business. TDOT shows US 431 going around town on the Hatcher Pkwy. bypass, but the old route is still mostly signed as 431 and the bypass has a lot of references as Truck US 431 (such as the hidden "Truck North 31/431" here). I think there was a designation swap relatively recently. The brown sign at the bottom of the giant assembly was interesting enough that I wanted to separate it. Carnton and Carter House are two separate things, but both should be above the arrow.

Typical overhead, taking trucks out of downtown the long way up and around the bypass.

TN 96 EB leaves Bus. US 431 two blocks after turning onto it. All of the signs in Franklin have unique issues.

TN 96 WB continues straight without US 231, and there are all these other routes to worry about, and then there's TN 99 that should be worried about but is instead unsigned. TN 99 EB is left and WB is ahead. Also notice the different Tennessees in the 96 shields.

TN 99 prepares to leave TN 96. I am technically on TN 99, so this shouldn't be a junction, but since there haven't been shields for it, if you pretend it's two separate 99s with a gap this is okay. (It's not okay. There should be shields.)

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