Tennessee Roads - TN 8

TN 8

TN 8 is the secret designation for US 41/76 southeast of Chattanooga and US 127 to the north, but is briefly independent in city limits and so I present you the 1917 Market St. Bridge.

TN 8 SB across the bridge, formerly US 27's approach to the city. The spiky building is the Tennessee Aquarium.

Looking east as I cross at an even older bridge, that of Walnut St. Built in 1890, it was converted to pedestrian-only in the 1980s instead of forcing everyone to walk the two blocks west to Market St.

One view of the Market St. Bridge looking east from Walnut St. Go to that bridge's page (linked below) for more.

After seeing these enamel 1920s-30s directional signs on the walls of Cracker Barrels for years, I broke down and got one of my own. TN 8 turned right ahead.

US 41 and TN 8/US 41

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