Tennessee Roads - TN 71 (James White Pkwy.)

James White Parkway, TN 71

This page is devoted to James White Parkway SB, which is a half-built freeway in Knoxville ending at Moody Ave. I can tell you that the future extension is officially designated TN 71, a number that otherwise follows US 441, and in all likelihood the entire road will be TN 71 once complete. But right now, does TN 71 head east on Moody Ave.? Doubtful. Does it follow the parkway, or does it follow US 441 at least as far as the TN 33 junction? Yes. At least one of those. I visited the road in its interim state in 2014, so it's all up in the air. If TN 71 is completed and rerouted, that one stretch of US 441 will need a new underlying state route number (471?). There's also the other question of where it goes in Knoxville. The official TDOT state map shows a state route leaving TN 158 and heading north on Hall of Fame Dr. but does not show a number. Is that 71? If so, there's no way for it to get back onto US 441. The Knoxville city map does not show any 71 shields in downtown, so either 71 is hidden under 441/33 or it's a silent designation on that other route. Anyway, on to the Parkway.

The entire mainline north of Moody Ave./Sevierville Pike is 3 lanes each way, but the SB side uses a merge from Riverside Dr. instead of a lane add to keep it at 2 lanes. The NB side picks up its 3rd lane in the middle of the Anita Dr. interchange, which is where I am here.

From Wynn Ave. to the forced exit to Sevierville Pike. You can see the NB onramp had its left shoulder striped as a second lane absent a mainline to merge into.

The carriageways are fully constructed through the Sevierville Pike overpass and no further. South Doyle Middle School is a problem to be solved immediately south, but I believe the Parkway will swing east of there through Baker Creek Preserve. Design was only just restarted as I write this in 2021, so we shall see.

US 441 and TN 71

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