Tennessee Roads - TN 48

TN 48

Courtesy Jason Ilyes and submitted by Adam Prince, an old state-name reassurance marker on TN 99 WB. TN 99 is a secondary route now but this shield, in the secondary shape, dates to when these were used for primary routes. 99 has been multiplexed with US 412 for some distance (but not signed) and TN 20 starts multiplexing ahead. Like TN 99, 20 loses its shields once it starts running with 412.

TN 48 NB meets US 79 in Clarksville and promptly disappears. It's not a secret designation for 79, so it should be shown in the last photo and up to its split on Trenton Rd.

The magical reappearance of TN 48 SB in the same spot.

NB near the state line. I'll take 2" smaller digits for 200% greater legibility.

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