Tennessee Roads - TN 437

TN 437

As of now, TN 437 EB begins heading due west from US 231 on what will become the EB onramp at that interchange once the road is completed to the west. The unused gravel here is for the future EB offramp.

Merging into the future mainline. TN 437 is intended to extend back to US 41A west of Shelbyville but there is no grading yet. The overpass is built for one through lane and one merging lane each way.

West along the mainline until it stubs out west of the US 231 overpass.

Views of the current west end of TN 437, the future WB interchange with US 231 featuring the closed but graded WB onramp. For now, only the ramp stub termini at US 231 are paved (in concrete) as you see in the first photos here and atop the page, but the mainline is fully paved (in asphalt).

These plastic barriers encourage WB traffic to leave. It wouldn't take much to drive around them but there would be nowhere to go except exciting stub.

I hope TN solves the ugly shield problem before building another junction with this road. Or makes TN 437 into US 41A and creates a business route through Shelbyville.

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