Tennessee Roads - TN 385/Future I-269

TN 385 and Future I-269

TN 385 EB, Nonconnah Pkwy., where it will end at I-269. The stub on the WB side is for the future ramp from I-269 NB, and the EB stub is for the ramp to I-269 SB. There will be an auxiliary lane on the EB side, which is why the acceleration lane ends right at the stub.

Passing over the future I-269 lanes and looking back south at the graded stubs.

For now, this is all of I-269 NB that you get to drive on the southeast side of Memphis. There will be a SPUI here (you can see the Single Point) once the entire interchange is open.

After a gap, TN 385 magically reappears to take over the northern outer beltway. All of this part of TN 385 will be redesignated as I-269 - I don't know what the wait is, because it already connects to an Interstate, but maybe Tennessee wants to first take care of signing I-69 (which Mississippi already does for all 20 miles or so that it exists). Photos head east on TN 193, looking south at the future SB onramp and NB offramp.

Views from the NB onramp where TN 385 re-begins, looking westward at future I-269. As on the south side, the stubs are only paved for a short distance, but graded for much longer.

Things that I do not want to see when I-269 comes to be: Improperly wide shields, assemblies with four auxiliary plates stacked atop each other, and loopy curves that don't match any standard.

I wouldn't mind seeing more improperly narrow shields, though.

The WB end of I-269 - if you couldn't tell by now, I've driven all of TN 385 but only counterclockwise. It will be tricky to extend the highway west of here, because it has to get around a state park while keeping enough distance from the inner I-40/240 loop.

Down the US 51 exit ramp.

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