Tennessee Roads - TN 33

TN 33

TN 33 is the secret designation for US 411 south of Maryville, but the only photo I have from that stretch is on an old alignment without a 33 shield.

Just north of Maryville, TN 33 comes to the interim south end of TN 162, which will become I-140 if/when it's extended to US 411 or US 321 east o town. For now, TN 33 is being widened at the half-interchange and you can see the abutment mounds on either side (focusing on the western one).

A SB trip through the interchange showing both half-built abutments. TN 162 NB heads to the right.

SB scenery, signs, and sculpture.

I'm all for modern art, but what is it? Apparently it's the "Big Goofy Metal Bird" and it's at Bird Blvd. Its eyes are hubcaps. Add this to your bucket list.

SB in Kingsley Station, or why this section is a secondary route.

US 11 and TN 33/US 11/70/441

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