Tennessee Roads - TN 162

TN 162, Pellissippi Parkway

All photos are at the southern stub end of the freeway. TN 162 is intended to become I-140 if it's ever extended to meet another US highway, but for now I-140 ends at US 129 and the freeway continues another two miles to TN 33 as TN 162. The northern extension of I-140 past I-40 is also TN 162, meeting parent TN 62 in Solway, so even after I-140 is complete TN 162 will still exist in some form.

The current SB end of the highway, a.k.a. the SB TN 33 offramp, then looking south at ghost grading for the future I-140 extension, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

TN 33 traffic merges onto the highway with no traffic and TN 162 begins.

One last look south from the NB lanes before I head toward I-140. The exit is now numbered 14.

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