Tennessee Roads - TN 158

The only sign photo on a page full of bridges because of how off it is.

The best views you can get from the road (TN 158 EB) of the 1934 CSX railroad bridge across the Tennessee River.

Stop for a moment, walk out to the river, and you can actually see the entire bridge.

The truss bridge is the next railroad east, the Norfolk (now Norfolk Southern). The bridge dates to 1867 but was upgraded from wood to steel members in 1903. Behind it, the arch bridge is the 1931 Henley Bridge carrying US 441/TN 33, rehabbed in 2013-2014 for many more years of graceful arching.

Continuing east up to and under the NS bridge.

Continuing east up to and under the Henley Bridge.

Heading west under those same bridges.

Next up east is the classic 1898 Gay St. Bridge, but to get there I have to pass under its great-grandchild, a 1997 pedestrian span to the waterfront. It actually goes together pretty well.

WB under Gay St. and ending with a look south.

Last historic bridge, east under the 1936 First Creek Arch Bridge carrying Hill Ave. Can't deny TN 158 is a great drive for bridge lovers. The sign in the last photo is on the ramp to James White Pkwy. That and the previous sign you saw in the Gay St. photos are the only hints that TN 71 follows the Parkway. TDOT have various self-contradicting sources that suggest TN 71 either follows the Parkway or is intended to but doesn't yet because it's incomplete. TN 71 may follow US 441 to the TN 33 junction and end, or it may come here and "jump" down to TN 158 without an interchange. It may exit TN 158 here, and it may use either the left or right fork of the ramp to Hall of Fame Dr. Or it uses James White Pkwy. to Hall of Fame Dr. and so both ramp forks should be signed TN 71. The sooner TDOT completes the Parkway, the easier this will be for my brain.

WB under Hill Ave. and we're all done here.

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