Tennessee Roads - TN 148

TN 148

Starting off NB. Read the sign closely. It's "entrenchments" on top and "intrenchments" below.

I missed this turn and went for a joyride for a few miles, ending up facing south instead of north when I found it again. If you're following TN 148 out of GA, make your first left at Lula Lake Rd.

Back north past Franklin Rd. to Forrest Ave. I'm lucky I got here in March 2014, because the signal was removed within weeks after.

Bragg Ave. SB at Watauga Ln. in Lookout Mountain.

All NB, the first photo is at Ruby Falls and the others are at the east end of TN 318. TN 318 goes left to US 11 SB, US 41 NB, and US 64/72 WB. TN 148 goes right to the opposite directions of all those roads and I-75 (shield missing). Without the directions posted, the "TO" shields are of very limited benefit, especially with the arrows missing on the left signs. Now, onto the sign on the right. Those are all great destinations, though I'm not familiar with Birmingham, TN and Atlanta, TN. I'm amused that Chattanooga is an afterthought. It's right here. You're technically already in it. But if you turn left, you're not getting to the part of the city you would think of as Chattanooga, so it's a necessary addition.

Looking east as TN 148 descends the hillside to US 11/41/64/72, across a bend in the Tennessee River to I-24 on the south side.

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