Tennessee Roads - TN 141

TN 141

You can tell how old the road is by the New England-esque stone walls, looking east 3 miles past Tucker Crossroads.

Tucker Crossroads is a good landmark for anyone who likes old signs. Which is everyone.

More wall heading west toward Lebanon.
The breakline means we're into 2014 realignment construction as seen on the Middle Tennessee Regional Road Meet. TN 141 turns from east-west to north-south in Lebanon and the meet progressed north.

Our first stop, where the new road diverges from the old.

It also diverges when you look south. Sections of the road are maintained for driveway access and the rest are ripped up and returned to nature. I don't know why the existing road couldn't have just been given wider shoulders and call it a day.

The last couple of photos rotate back to the south. I realized how poor the rear windshield is for photography after this.

There's an entire road cut off back there. In this rare case it was detoured to the next street instead of a barrier cut-through being provided.

This time I'm on the old road and the new road isn't ready yet. The side street will be truncated once it is.

Looking north and south at divergences from the old route. I would say the road to the north is more nonexistent than closed.

Another stretch of the old road to the right.

New road to the left, new road to the right, which way will I go? The middle!

Not quite a new road yet on the east side. The first photo shows another example of a side street being cut off at the new alignment. The third and last photos look back south.

The new alignment crosses from right to left, and then I look back at it on the other side of the hill that's being removed.

A look ahead from there at the next section that's graded.

The second breakline means we're finally out of construction and into bonus material. This looks east along the Cumberland River.


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