Tennessee Roads - Sparkman St. Bridge

Sparkman Street (Shelby Street) Bridge, Nashville

Looking south from 1st St. on the east side of the bridge, renamed I believe when Sparkman St. stopped existing. Shelby St. still exists east of the bridge, though it's now Shelby Ave.

Walking west from there into downtown.

A more leisurely and detailed eastward stroll. The 1909 bridge carried vehicular traffic until relatively recently, when Shelby St./Ave. was rerouted into the 2004 Gateway Bridge to the south, which you can see in these photos. The building to the left in the last photo is the top of the 1908 Bridge Building, conveniently located and dated for its name.

The bridge ironically features the best available views of its replacement to the south.

Views from the western (downtown) underside. The concrete arch approach is supposedly the oldest use of concrete arch trusses (I suppose that means with both vertical and horizontal bars) in the USA.

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