Tennessee Roads - Chattanooga


Lindsay St. southwest at E. 4th St. Only one veteran can use this bridge at a time.

No one can use this bridge, as Riverfront Parkway EB is now Riverfront Parking. This bridge under Walnut St. was built for the widened 4-lane section that still exists to the east, but the Parkway was reduced to only 2 lanes to the west in 2005 as part of waterfront development.

This handsome specimen is on Bragg Ave. (here facing south) at Depot St.

These handsome specimens are around Lookout Mountain. The first is on Fleetwood Dr. at Sylvan Dr. and the last two are on Brow Rd. heading north from TN 148.

This delicious specimen is on TN 17 a couple blocks north of TN 58 at Mr. T's.

And this is not on TN 17 at all. A green-background shield would likely have been used as a patch on a BGS or LGS, so this may have been temporary and then reused as what is now an EB "no left turn" from Bailey Ave. to McCallie Ave. TN 17 is 5 blocks ahead at Willow St.

Eastbound in the Wilcox Blvd. tunnel northeast of downtown.

A look back west.

Walnut Street Bridge
US 11
US 41
TN 8
TN 58
TN 148
TN 153
TN 319
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