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The gateway to this page is the Gateway Bridge, seen from 1st St. NB and SB on the east side of the river.

The Sparkman St. (Shelby St.) Bridge has its own page, linked at bottom, but this is the view from the base of the Gateway Bridge looking west. Shelby Ave. was rerouted into the Gateway Bridge and the old one was converted to a pedestrian path.

Heading west across the Gateway Bridge into downtown.

Views north toward Nashville and the old bridge. There is no actual Sparkman St. anymore, which is why it was renamed for Shelby St. Even though Shelby was then renamed to an Ave. and the bridge wasn't. Go figure.

Shelby Ave. EB. The other overhead sign has proper capitalization.

Tennessee historical signs around the capital. Notice the subtle ribbing around the edges.

A waterfront sign by the Sparkman St. Bridge.

Nashville/Davidson Co. came up with its own historical signs. I guess the state wasn't moving fast enough. The first one is in Centennial Park.

3/29/14 Middle TN Regional Road Meet
Nashville International Airport
Sparkman Street (Shelby Street) Bridge
US 31E
US 41
US 70
US 431
TN 45
TN 100
TN 155 (Briley Parkway)
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