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Nashville has grown to the point that Franklin is now part of its suburbia, so I-65 (here SB) is being widened south of TN 248 to I-840. TN 248 is also being widened, which is why its overpass is being replaced.

Nice bridge for Hamilton Ave., nice old diagrammatic, but I-65 doesn't need a distance because you're already on it.

Another old bridge NB and the I-40/65 split SB, both right around the ramps for Exit 209B (I-40's numbering).

I don't quite like this US shield on the NB Exit 85 ramp.

Something hit the sign on the left and managed to tear away a strip of the reflective backing. Or it came off int he wind. Either way, now it looks silly and I'm sure it was replaced soon after. I-65 having an exit number for its own mainline is also silly.

SB approaching the other end of the concurrency, with the second photo on the same gantry but over the exit C-D road. Dig that arrow. Do not dig the mainline exit number and repeated distance.

Sure enough, the exit is closed as I-65's pavement is being widened and reconstructed. The ramp looks open, but it may be unwise to attempt to take it.

A look back north at the closed divergence. You'd have to swerve sharp right after the barrier to get to the ramp, which I imagine is used by construction personnel for site access.

A city so pretty, it's what Dishwalla sang about.

Rivergate Pkwy. NB under I-65 Exit 96.

Into Alabama on I-65
Into Kentucky on I-65
Exit 80 to I-440
Onto I-40
Exit 86 or 88 to I-24
Exit 90 to TN 155
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