Tennessee Roads - I-24/I-40

I-24 and I-24/40

Not a whole lot to see between Kentucky and Nashville, especially now that the TN 237 overpass at Exit 8 has been replaced. The widening/reconstruction is at the I-24 EB merge into I-65 SB.

30" or less! Everything must fit! 4th St. NB at Shelby Ave. from I-24 WB Exit 49.

Leaving I-40, I-24 WB immediately crosses the Cumberland River with views of downtown and the parallel Gateway and Sparkman St. Bridges.

I-24/40 WB multiplex southeast of downtown Nashville with road and non-road scenery galore, including one regrettable sign assembly. You can't put "1 mile" between down arrows. That's the one you were looking at, right?

I-24/40 EB under the same two railroads.

You're not the only one confused by these exit numbers. Exit 52 follows Exit 53, but then you get Exits 52A-B, and I-24 is signed as its own exit? Either US 41/70S should be Exit 52B and I-40 East should be Exit 52A, or just make I-40 EB Exit 51.

Leaving Nashville, I-24 EB remains 3 lanes plus an HOV lane each way out to Murfreesboro, then suddenly collapses to two lanes after US 231 (Exit 81). The end has since been restriped with hatching consistently across each shoulder.

Old architecture remains at Elam and Earl Warren Roads. I'm sure US 41 goes somewhere. It seems like a long road.

It in fact goes to the truss bridge being replaced in the distance. Boo. This should have been replaced in kind.

While the bridge was closed, the detour went around to Exit 161. I'll note that the bridge is also US 64 and US 72, but apparently that traffic didn't need to detour, only US 41 and the mysterious TN 2. TN 2 seems really important given the wide shield and primary listing. Did I mention it's a secondary route overlapping US 41/64/72 that's otherwise unsigned?

I-24 briefly dips into Georgia to rendezvous with I-59 before returning to Chattanooga. This sign is GA spec but located in TN.

Back under that cool railroad bridge WB.

Onto I-40 alone

Into Georgia on I-24
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Exit 52, 105, or 161 to US 41
Exit 53 to I-440
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