Tennessee Roads - Foothills Parkway

All photos on this page courtesy Lou Corsaro. The Foothills Parkway exists in a couple of pieces, with a section between closed to automobile traffic. Tennessee simply never had the funds or the motivation to upgrade the entire Parkway to be traversable, since few people travel it. Well, gee, if I heard a road wasn't open, I wouldn't be lining up at the gate to find out how far into nowhere I could get. Lou lined up, however, and shot straight into the middle of that nowhere, where the closed section begins.

There is such little maintenance, even hikers can't go more than 5 miles in.

Not paying any attention to which direction any of these photos are facing. Just enjoy the scenery and the gravel trail. As you can see in the background of the last two photos, the structures built underneath this trail are strong enough to hold up a roadway.

Go ahead, tell me this bridge was meant for hikers, bicycles, and the weekly horse. Wait, that sign said "other use" as well. I guess people drag sledges this way? Maybe the United States Army practices jumping in unison on this bridge. I think you could drag a non-motorized house over this bridge and it would hold up.

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