Tennessee Roads - Carter Co.

Carter County bridges

All photos on this page courtesy Lou Corsaro.

The Elizabethton Covered Bridge on 3rd Street, just off of US 321 and US 19E, over the Doe River.

At one point, this was open to traffic, and some maps still show it as open, but clearly it's not.

Approaching the truss on Steel Bridge Rd. from Wilber Dam Rd. just over two miles east of Elizabethton.

Heading northeast over the Watauga River. In Elizabethton, the Doe River (from above) flows into this river and continues toward Watauga Lake and Boone Lake, created by the Tennessee Valley Authority during the Great Depression.

A view from the north bank, southwest on Grindstaff Rd.

A mysterious bridge remnant east of the Steel Bridge (that's the best name I have for it). There is a faint path on either side, but nothing conclusive - no traces of a railroad, but no scars that one would associate with a road. This seems a bit overbuilt for a footbridge, too - maybe the piers were erected in anticipation of a bridge that was never constructed.

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