Tasmania Roads - A9


An A, a B, and a C route all begin together. The other end of B37 is also at A9.

Badly faded speed limit sign, looking south down Church St. in Port Arthur.

Outdated signs on Tasman Peninsula, NB and SB. I only saw this style 6 in Tasmania, so I'll start calling it the Tasman 6.

A SB/NB pair of Tasmanian devil signs and then an old light-up SB sign.

A trio of interesting finds in Dunalley. The bridge itself, less interesting.

NB starting at the end of C337. All of the old white guide signs are supposed to be replaced with new green ones.

I first saw this Ford on A3, and finally ran into him again here SB at C340. No, not literally.

NB across Iron Creek with a replacement bridge taking shape.

SB over the same creek (really more east at this point). The old creek sign went away with the old bridge.

One more SB sign.

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