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Michael Summa's US Route, Parkway, and Other Signs

Slowly getting newer in Colorado, although the US 550 sign could theoretically be from New Mexico (but it's a style I've seen in CO before). There's a Missouri secondary route shield lurking behind the US 40.

The standard old state-name US shields. Oh yeah, Michael makes his own miniature AND full-size shields. He even forms button copy by hand. There's a reason road enthusiasts all look up to this man.

Variants from Vermont and Ohio from the 1950s into the 1960s.

What you'd see on a 1960's street sign in either Colorado, Oklahoma, or Texas.

Michael's oldest sign, an embossed blank that was briefly pressed into service for US 21.

Florida's colored shields that were used into the 1980s, when FHWA threatened to withhold funding from any project not using the standard US shield colors. As you can see, there are plenty more piled behind these.

Plenty more cutout shields from Michael's home state. As I said on the state route page, you can still see these in independent cities.

Michael has many assemblies scattered around his lawn. These US 11 shields are the only originals stationed on an outdoor post.

A Parkway shield from Kentucky.

Very old embossed signs that are now done in red.

Connecticut signs showing the transition from yellow to red with otherwise similar specifications.

Another CT regulatory sign, another stop sign (this time from NY).

Starting with the oldest, progressing toward the newer, origins unknown.

I just know it's old.

Warning signs starting in Virginia with an advisory sign not seen anymore (it's just "45 M.P.H.") and then moving to old NY signs.

Loose arrow from either the Merritt Parkway or CT Turnpike. It's the original style that could be mounted to point any way.

One last random shield, it's not a state route because it's a provincial route.

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Colorado US 40
Colorado US 50
Connecticut US 6
Kansas US 40
Pennsylvania US 20
Vermont US 5
Ohio US 22
North Carolina US 21
Florida US 1
Florida US 98
Florida US 129
Virginia US 19
Virginia US 460
Virginia US 52
Virginia US 58
Virginia US 11
Virginia US 60
Virginia US 17
Virginia US 220
Virginia US 522
Ontario Highway 17
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