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Michael Summa's Turnpike and State Route Signs

A bunch of old style route shields that you'll never see in the wild again. The unlabeled SR 9 is from Nebraska. Just about all of these don't have the state name anymore, and none are now cut out.

Older examples of current styles. In some cases, the modern sign has been updated with crisper lines or the FHWA font.

Michael's Turnpike signs. You'll never see the CT or WV examples again, or a Mass. Pike trailblazer with an arrow through the hat (of any kind), or a cutout PA trailblazer.

Compare the old Colorado style (1960s) to the modern style.

From wood to metal, but the arrow under CT 123 looks like it belongs with CT 57.

Florida doesn't try to make its state outlines this detailed anymore. There are no more secondary routes, either (which apparently have some sort of secondary maintenance) - most are now county routes, but a few were upgraded to primary state routes.

Instead of old and new, older and old, and the only cast iron sign I saw in Michael's collection.

Secondary state routes in Missouri, North Carolina, and Virginia.

More secondaries and a couple of primary route cutouts from Virginia. They can still be found, but only in independent cities that haven't upgraded their signs.

More cutout Virginia state routes. Michael lives in VA, so this is understandable.

Like my own sign but even older, predating Michigan's adoption of the FHWA font.

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AR 8
Mass. Pike, I-90
CO 59
CT 123
NY 22
NY 30
VA 40
VA 7
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