Saskatchewan Highways - Trans-Canada Hwy. 16

Trans-Canada Highway 16

All photos courtesy Rich Piehl and westbound.

The North Saskatchewan River crossing, east of Borden. The original TCH 16 bridge is obviously the one on the left (and it may still be open to local traffic).

The recent North Battleford bypass leaves to the left here. Straight ahead, original TCH 16, is now Highway 16B. Highway 16A crosses the North Saskatchewan River a little downstream of TCH 16, and is thus more convenient for access to Battleford proper than the Highway 4/40 exit from TCH 16. The 16/4/40 interchange appears to be an inside demi-trumpet for TCH 16, but given what I said about the bypass being recent, the case is actually that the highway (16) to the west came to a trumpet at 4/40, and then 16 followed 4 to current 16B and continued eastward.

Westbound in Maidstone, a weight restriction on one direction of Highway 21 (can't make out which) requires a detour of following the ubiquitous green truck signs. I'm just in it for the radiant, possibly radioactive NEW sign.

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