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In Maidstone on what's now the former TCH 16, a weight restriction on one direction of what's now the former SK 21 (likely north through town) requires a detour of following the ubiquitous green truck signs. Rich Piehl gave me this westbound photo; I'm just in it for the radiant, possibly radioactive NEW sign.

The then-recent North Battleford bypass leaves to the left here, again WB courtesy Rich Piehl. Straight ahead, what was original TCH 16 is now SK 16B. SK 16A crossed the North Saskatchewan River a little downstream of TCH 16 at Finlayson Island, and was thus more convenient for access to Battleford proper than the SK 4/SK 40 exit from TCH 16. However, that route was closed to vehicles in 2015 and TCH 16A was decommissioned, eliminating one of three signed Trans-Canada Highways in the Battlefords.

Heading east out of North Battleford.

Passing the Borden Bridge, across the North Saskatchewan River east of Borden. This original TCH bridge is now only open to pedestrians.

WB view of same, courtesy Rich Piehl.

To head from TCH 16 EB to SK 11 NB (and toward SK 12, not shown), the best way is to turn left on Twp. Rd. 374. This sign, only a few hundred metres before that turn, advises you to continue unnecessarily straight to Marquis Dr. Maybe that road is better suited for trucks, but any car should follow the first (paved) route.

TCH 16 EB joins SK 11 SB toward Saskatoon. When I took these photos, SK 11 stayed straight on Idylwyld Dr. while TCH 16 headed east on Circle Dr. Now that the the western leg of Circle Dr. has been completed, both TCH 16 and SK 11 go both ways around the city. It's only confusing if you need to get to one side or the other. The new greenout for Circle Dr. has ridiculously small shields, but what else can I expect from a province that thinks it's okay to make the shields touch? Incidentally, the square on the 51st St. BGS is just a faded greenout. I don't know what it's covering. Maybe another airplane.

Good luck following all the tiny signs to stay on TCH 16 where it leaves Circle Drive to head north when the sun is in your eyes. Especially if you're paying attention to traffic lights, turning vehicles, or the mess of traffic on this completely uncontrolled arterial section of Circle Dr., which is in other parts a freeway and by all rights should be here as well.

I can't hope to place where this sign is along the north section of Circle Dr.

A couple of Circle Dr. NB signs from the eastern leg, now half of TCH 16 and half of SK 11. I disagree with the placement of the airplane between the arrows and the clutter of the "no trucks" sign. However, I strongly agree with leaving up an original 1980s Circle Dr. sign that predated the routing of TCH 16 around Saskatoon along with its late-1980s plate. It was at the Attridge Dr./Preston Ave. exit, but I'm sure it was removed with the SK 11 rerouting.

Leaving Saskatoon to the east, the divided highway ended just east of Winmill Rd. in 2013. Between then and now, it was extended past Clavet to near SK 763.

The top sign is older, but this EB assembly is correct. Floral Rd. to the right is the beginning of SK 663 and therefore uses the secondary wheat sheaf. Freeborn Rd. is not a secondary route but it is part of SK's improved network, so it gets a blue sheaf. Call it "tertiary."

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