Saskatchewan Roads - SK 663

SK 663

All photos are southbound except the first.

The former northern end of SK 663 was at Floral Rd. just west of TCH 16, requiring a turn to connect to the highway. These faded signs pointed west on Floral, while 16 was just to the east. To rectify the situation, SK 663 was reconfigured to bend east and end at TCH 16, while Floral Rd. was modified to end at 663. So you won't see these signs now.

The first shield on the road, Floral Rd. WB.

June 2013 was peak flooding season, so here you see the steady rise of water threatening SK 663. I'm sure the road closed within a few days of my visit as rains continued to pound the watershed. It was an ethereal journey, never being certain if the next rise hid a depression that would force me to abandon course. But the temporary lakes were scenic.

Missing and never provided for: "JCT".

SK 11 swings east into SK 663's alignment, ending 663 here. I don't think the word "AHEAD" is required. A dead end is a dead end.

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