Saskatchewan Roads - SK 40

SK 40

All photos are eastbound.

Quick, find what you're looking for. Is it camping? Sorry, we never replaced that one. But if you want to marry a Mountie, come on down.

Primary weight? As part of the "Clearing the Path" initiative (so that's the little CTP), SK sought to identify municipal roads that could handle local freight traffic in order to extend the freight network and increase economic vitality. Therefore, SK 689 is certified to handle the statutory truck axle loading. Did you catch that the 689 shield was installed upside-down?

The white square should be a white shield outline, and the black shields... I just don't know what to do about those. SK seems to like miniature pentagons to represent its routings. This, though, would also represent an SK 16 error for TCH 16. In theory. I don't think they care.

Turning left outside Battleford keeps you on SK 40, not "TO" it. The second assembly is correct.

The TCH 16/SK 4/40 interchange is now a trumpet for TCH 16, but it started out as a trumpet for SK 4/40. Back when there was just one Battlefords Bridge, which is now the NB/EB span, the ramp you see here took SK 4/40 NB/EB onto TCH 16 EB, then onto the bridge to North Battleford. The former EB-SB ramp has been removed and replaced with a broader one. The NB-WB loop remains, but now the NB/EB mainline continues through the inside of the interchange to the bridge instead of taking this outside ramp. I don't know why this ramp remains.

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