Saskatchewan Roads - SK 2

SK 2 NB joins SK 11 SB for a ride east instead of taking the shorter and very paved SK 733. This is SK 2, not "TO" 2.

Old and older, SB in Moose Jaw.

Just below the Ominica St. sign, facing EB traffic.

Old NB signal at Athabasca St. and another building-mounted ceramic street sign on the corner.

This SB signal at Saskatchewan St. E has since been replaced with normal signals. Besides a left arrow, I'm not sure what made Left Lane any different than Right Lane.

An older NB sign leaving Moose Jaw, then a newer one that incorrectly uses the SK shield shape for the TCH. This is, therefore, the only TCH error that I saw in the province. I'm not sure if it qualifies as a shield error for being white on black, because I've seen this elsewhere in SK.

New enough to use Clearview, old enough to already be fading, SB.

The old alignment of SK 2 across Buffalo Pound Lake almost blends in with the scenery, but for the causeway it leaves across the lake. Photos look SB (cardinal west) where the road went straight across the lake, then hooked sharply south to what's now a dirt dead-end.

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