Saskatchewan Highways - Hwy. 11

Highway 11

All photos courtesy Rich Piehl and northbound.

Highway 15 approacheth. Highway 11, as seen here, is a divided four-lane expressway (has at-grade intersections but limited access) connecting Saskatchewan's two largest and most important cities, Regina and Saskatoon.

The highway continues through the east side of Saskatoon as Circle Drive, and becomes TCH 16 if you're not paying attention. If you are, you exit to stay with Highway 11, and follow the other half of Circle Drive into Idlewyld Drive through the west side of Saskatoon. (Circle Drive is not complete in the southwest quadrant, and even if it were, 11 probably would stay where it is, basically right up the middle of the city.) The difference is that TCH 16 is a freeway, so through traffic (say, to the airport) should be following by roadway and not by number.

1st Avenue splits to the right, and 20th St. is the next cross street with a traffic signal, so that's the only reason traffic is divided between left and right here. This is right around the heart of the city, and TCH 16 is nowhere in sight - it's another 3 km or so to the north, but of course Highway 11 is the best way there from here. Now, wait, that's not a TCH 16 shield - actually, it's a Yellowhead Highway shield (yellow head, get it?), because TCH 16 wears both the TCH and Yellowhead hats for its entire length (British Columbia to Manitoba!). This is intentional; the Yellowhead Highway was designated around 1970 as part of the TCH system, and thus signage seems to alternate (but favors the TCH maple leaf).

Highway 11 comes back out of Saskatoon and meets Circle Drive again, since Circle Drive does go in a circle. TCH 16 is thus again to be found. I have a rarity for you - complaints about Canadian signage. The 7 and 14 shields are too small, and the WEST is ambiguous. Also, the airport logo should be bigger and centered in the empty green space. That's all I got.

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