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If you have an interest in traffic signals, Lewvan Drive has an interest in you. NB at Gordon Rd., you see that there are two red balls and a yellow arrow, which is a flashing arrow. There is never a protected turn, only permitted (meaning yield to oncoming traffic) or prohibited. That said, the American MUTCD would require the centre lens to be a solid yellow to provide delineation between the permissive phase and onset of prohibited, whereas here it happens in the same face. Why waste a face? Well, that philosophy was taken to the extreme SB at Parliament Ave., where they dropped the dual red but never added a solid yellow, so left turns are down to just two lenses, one of the only times you'll see a 2-lens head used as traffic control in North America.

A couple of stop signs along Wascana Park, the first from Wascana Dr. and the second from Legislative Dr. Actually, these are the back sides of the stop signs, which is why they don't say "STOP" on them. The front sides that do say "STOP" face the side streets. This, naturally, begs the question as to why the back side has an octagon on it at all. The answer to that question was to replace them with regular STOP signs.

Seen from Lakeshore Drive near the SK Legislative Building, this is the 1930 Albert Memorial Bridge, Albert St. (SK 6) crossing Wascana Creek where it leaves Wascana Lake (of course manmade for the government area). This grandiose memorial to the Great War - yes, it was constructed as a usable memorial first, bridge second - was constructed during the Depression to provide jobs, but was heavily criticized for going over budget to the tune of 150% ($100,000 to $250,000). It contains a lot of artistic elements, with a blazon of the SK coat of arms on the outside.

Heading north from there across the bridge. The inside of the balustrade features Regina's own coat of arms. A crown, a buffalo, and a wheat sheaf. The three most important things in the Prairie Provinces.

Join me on a return trip southward. There are plenty more details to view, left and right. Click on Her Royal Highness for a majestic closeup.

Onto the colourful bridge, looking east at the colourful sunrise.

Finishing the bridge memorial excursion. The weird pedestrian sign shows that people will walk out from behind the bridge parapet with no visibility to the imminent right turn, but I like that on the very same pole is a sign warning pedestrians of the same.

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