South Carolina Roads - US 78/1/25/278

US 78, US 1/78, US 1/78/278, US 1/25/78/278

All of these routes SB/WB are about to cross the Savannah River into Georgia. The offramp to the right is closed for two reasons. Firstly, there is a ramp a little to the southeast, the last exit in SC, that serves the same function. Secondly, this ramp used to be US 1 SB, and now US 1 stays on the gigantic multiplex instead of briefly straying to the west before returning. In fact, back in the 1920s, that old offramp bridge carried both directions of US 1 and whatever other routes were around back then. You can see more photos of it via the "Old 1/25/78/278" link at bottom. First photo is courtesy Lou Corsaro.

US 25/SC 121 NB leave US 1/78/278 NB/EB, courtesy Lou Corsaro. Four US highways and five overall routes are far too many to keep together. Notice how the US 278 shield hovers a little farther away from the 1 and 78, near the right arrow - in another mile it indeed leaves to the right, though I'm not sure that was the intent.

The new version that replaced the button copy by the time I visited. Outline shields are okay, but narrow Type A arrows instead of down arrows? Squished I-520 shield? CLEARVIEW? How dare you.

And US 1 South.

US 1 SB, US 78/278 WB in North Augusta, looking right (northeast) and ahead at construction of the I-520 extension, courtesy Lou Corsaro. Back in 2004, I-520, the Bobby Jones Expressway, ended just across the river on the east side of Augusta, GA. Since then, I-520 was continued back around to return to I-20, begging the question as to why it wasn't changed to an even-numbered Interstate for a loop.

On a more recent trip, Lou found a beautiful brand-new state-name shield (hint to other states: I like these) for the now-open highway.

For some reason, Lou's shield was replaced just a few years after it was installed, but at least the replacement is still state-named. I would note that the right lane also serves I-520 East, not just West, so the sign was right in the first place.

US 1/78, no 278 to be found, SB/WB starting in Aiken, first photo courtesy Lou Corsaro.

LGS's leaving Charleston, WB courtesy Lou Corsaro.

EB across a railroad after leaving US 52.

King St. (US 78 in Charleston) EB at Cypress St. (missing a left arrow) and WB, courtesy Lou Corsaro, at Mt. Pleasant Street.

Also EB, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

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