South Carolina Roads - US 76/21/176/1

US 76, US 21/76/176, US 1/76

I-26/US 76 EB, courtesy Lou Corsaro. Not shown is US 76 exiting along Route I-126; also not shown are the proper shields for either of those routes. Was it that much trouble to bump up the sign height for a real shield?

EB courtesy Lou Corsaro, then WB, on I-126, all of which is also US 76. Although it leads straight into I-26, the left BGS is almost certainly an error for I-126. Also notice how SC's strange US shield ends up the wrong size for anything else on the sign.

Two looks at the same assembly (at Assembly St., coincidentally, the end of SC 48 NB), then two photos on the left and right of the same assembly, all on US 76 WB and US 21/176/321 SB, probably the only place in the country that two pairs of US routes multiplex. Huger St.? Those shields are Huger, that's for sure.

US 76 WB where it picked up all those SB routes, and several shield oddities. Not one of the shields here is correct, although the US 76 shield at least meets SCDOT specifications (which are wrong, though). Amongst the squished shields and innovatively placed arrows, I spy an I-126 shield that hints at a secret designation. Now, the colors are for a freeway, so it's possible that the wording is just wrong, but I have to think that's supposed to be a green shield and that all of Elmwood Avenue is Business I-126. (This has been signed more prominently for decades, but never confirmed as an official route, so at least the mystery remains.)

Bull St. NB, US 76 WB leaving US 1, up to where Bull St. becomes SC 277 instead. Enjoy the "S.C." route shields while they last, because they won't for long.

EB for a change, from Elmwood Ave. onto Bull St.

One more WB run, up to Bull St. (a hard right, not a bear right), shared with US 1 SB/US 378 WB because Columbia is just full of US highways. It's always 5:PM somewhere, and you can't turn left on Heidt St. when it is.
US 76 EB shares a ride with US 301 NB, which becomes longer because the US 301 ramp is closed. Photo, but not ramp closure, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

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