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US 52 and Spur US 52 (and US 17 photos)

The first six photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro. Spur US 52 is Morrison Dr. and E. Bay St. in Charleston. US 52 is numbered as an east-west route but runs and is signed north-south.

E. Bay St. NB/WB at the new Ravenel Bridge onramp, with a pier in the gore from the old Pearman Bridge (northbound plus one southbound lane). Lou says the pier will remain as a part of history! The on-ramp to US 17 NB used to be on Cooper St., to the left where this ramp now splits to the right. Cooper St. ultimately dead-ends now.

Another pier soon to be dismantled, inside the port area north of E. Bay St.

Exiting the port area (Immigration St. according to Google Maps) at Morrison Dr.

What I think is Lee St., looking EB and WB half a block west of Morrison Dr. I know the street just to the right in the second photo (at America St.) is Lee.

NB leaving Moncks Corner with Alt. US 17.

US 52 SB in Florence, first photo courtesy Lou Corsaro and the others courtesy J.P. Nasiatka. US 301 used to be part of this downtown junction as well, hence the missing space in the middle of the assembly, but now bypasses the city on a new alignment. That's why there's a "TO" in the last photo, although it should be SOUTH 52 TO 301 and not the other way around.

Typical wide SCDOT shield where US 52 NB leaves US 1 SB in Cheraw.

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