South Carolina Roads - US 501

US 501

All photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro except the first one.

Meta-billboard, NB leaving Conway.

Opposite ends of the Marion bypass split with the (original) Business route, NB and SB respectively. The reason Business 501 is a better route to I-20 is because it leads to SC 576 as you will see, which feeds into US 76 (get it? 576 - from 501 to 76) and heads west. The second photo is or was some of the fast-disappearing button copy in SC.

A second split yields SC 576 and an opportunity to compare the pretty but perhaps overly colorful new shield with the old.

SB on the outside of Marion at Alt. SC 41, which is getting put up on an overpass for the future extension of I-73 that will come down US 501 here. Alt. 41 looks to be a bit wider than the two country lanes it has now, and once it's on top of I-73 the nanny signals will disappear. Five reds for three signals? Completely wrong.

Looking at the southern and northern abutments for the future Alt. SC 41 overpass.

A better look at the entire northern abutment and pier.

On the other side of a new retention basin, the future NB offramp to Alt. SC 41 takes shape underneath the guiding plow of the bulldozer.

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