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US 25

What Not To Do, SB. It would be best to make the Business route for "N. Augusta," the SC side of the Savannah River, just to avoid ambiguity. If the idea is to divide rush hour traffic toward the city, there are still better ways to do it, like signing Bus. US 25 "Alt. to Augusta."

South from there, very gone by the time I looked for it, so these are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

SB past roads leading to Exits 22 and 21 on I-520, respectively.

NB to Bettis Academy Rd., but I failed to notice this was continued from the other side so I didn't photograph that. Here's what's missing: "This church, founded in 1868, was one of the first black Baptist churches in this area. Alexander Bettis (1836-1895), a former slave, established this church with the assistance of three white ministers after the local Baptist association refused to ordain him. Mt. Canaan grew from seventeen charter members to more than 2,000 members in only three years."

Some old state route shields, and one new one for comparison, as I turn left with US 25 NB and leave SC 121.

I didn't even really capture the Darby Plantation sign, and after continuing north under a former railroad overpass, I again only got the second sign of a two-sided historical marker. So, once again: "This Federal house with a later Classical Revival porch was the home of two governors of S.C. It was built ca. 1824 for planter Daniel Bird, who sold it in 1829 to Francis Wilkinson Pickens (1807-1869), then a lawyer and planter. Pickens lived here until the mid-1830s, when he deeded the house to his father, Andrew Pickens Jr. (1779-1838). The elder Pickens, a planter, was an officer in the War of 1812 and then governor 1816-18. He lived here until 1836."

The last sign is on the NB ramp to SC 430, as is the one in the background of the prior photo.

I come upon Turkey Creek bridge replacement (in 2014). The second photo is old US 25 NB bearing right, once crossing the creek on a different alignment.

Into Greenwood County and then to Greenwood. Since I give so many other agencies flak, I will give SCDOT credit for excluding US 25 and US 178 from the JCT assembly, since I am on both of those routes (NB/WB) in the last two photos.

Continuing north of Cokesbury to SC 252.

South from the split of these two routes to the edge of Greenville, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Near Chestnut Springs, old US 25 (SR S-23-969) crosses Fall Creek heading north. They call it Fall Creek for a reason. I have no reference for which falls I photographed next to the road, but Big Falls is the likely candidate.

Proof that I'm on old US 25: Notwithstanding the actual name of the street being "Old Hwy. 25," this was erected in 1928 along the recently deceased Dixie Highway, the eastern branch of which became US 25 in 1926.

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