South Carolina Roads - US 221

US 221

NB entering Spartanburg, courtesy Lou Corsaro. Inman is not on US 221 at all, but you'll see it pop up again in the photos below.

SB entering downtown on either side of the SC 296 intersection.

SC 9 leaves US 221 NB and heads off on its own, but that's a lie. Actually, at least the overhead signs and maybe the ones below are old enough to be missing TO over all but the US 221 shield. SC 9 used to follow US 221 this far and Church Rd. past here before it was rerouted to stay on US 176 through town. Church Rd. does have an interchange with I-585 where it picks up SC 9, but the one missing ramp is onto I-585 NB/US 176 WB, which is the one that leaves Spartanburg and is the reason those routes are only signed along US 221.

NB to the promised I-585 interchange and onward to I-85 Exit 78, all courtesy Lou Corsaro. Traffic has been coming north more or less alongside I-85 for a few miles, so why would I-85 SB get the first billing in the advance signs? Luckily, that doesn't matter because the sign is old.

Into Georgia on US 221
Into North Carolina on US 221
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