South Carolina Roads - US 21/176

US 21 and 21/176

All photos courtesy Lou Corsaro except two that I'll point out.

SB, with the wrong font for the SC 116 shield. SC 116 connects the Marines to the Navy outside Beaufort.

US 21 SB on US 17 NB and then NB splitting from 17 SB. 21 goes on beyond Beaufort to serve St. Helena and Hunting Islands.

My own photo on Alternate US 17, but Not-Alternate US 21.

US 21 NB/US 176 WB at K Ave., former 21/176, east of Gaston. It was probably bypassed because it runs right by some sort of factory. Or, this was one of the temporary jump-off points of I-26 during its construction, and then when the Interstate was completed, US 21/176 stayed roughly along the new alignment. Or both.

Taking the slow way out of the city, continuing north on US 21/321 to the beginning of SC 215. Even though it doesn't get an SC shield, perhaps that's for the better as it now gets to be on this page.

NB in Ridgeway, where for some reason, trucks following SC 34 have to pass Church St., go one more block, and use Thomas St. to Dogwood St. Both Church and Thomas cross the same set of railroad tracks at grade, so what's the big deal? At least it comes with state-name shields. No, that's not former US 21 straight ahead in the last photo, just a dead-end.

Still NB, nearing Great Falls, and close enough to the previous photos that Lou's still on Ridgeway Road.

The SC 122 EB offramp just outside Rock Hill.

The Interstate entrance from US 21/SC 5 SB south of Rock Hill and a state-name shield multiplex photo from Doug Kerr.

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