South Carolina Roads - SC 9, 9/US 1/52

SC 9, 9/US 1, 9/US 1/52

US 301/SC 9 NB - and US 501 is there with US 301 as well - courtesy Lou Corsaro. Those state-name shields could have SOUTH on the left and NORTH on the right to be less confusing - if SCDOT was willing to come back and stick on an arrow, they could have gone that extra mile.

Heading NB with US 1 SB (basically facing west) across the Pee Dee River next to a railroad truss.

Continuing west into Cheraw, where the two routes join US 52 and SC 9 NB ends up heading south, first photo courtesy Lou Corsaro. Blame SC for signing the route north/south instead of its overall west/east across the top of the state.

Contrast the old and new SC route shields as SC 9 NB continues to head south, but at least resumes heading west, on Market St. East of right around Cheraw, SC 9 actually starts heading a bit more south. The only other place where the route heads something approximating north/south is Spartanburg, where the next set of photos were taken.

SC 9 is on a duplex with US 176, not a triplex with I-585. 9 actually leaves right as I-585 begins, or maybe just a tiny bit after - I-585 is signed as if it extends past the end of the freeway, although I doubt FHWA agrees with that definition. SC 9 used to come into Spartanburg on what are now SC 295 and 56, then following Church St. out to where 9 now once again comes back in from 176. The awesome sign in the last photo comes from the short (once somewhat longer) US 221 duplex. All photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro

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