South Carolina Roads - SC 9/US 1/US 52

SC 9, 9/US 1, 9/US 1/52

US 301/SC 9 NB - and US 501 is there with US 301 as well - courtesy Lou Corsaro. Those state-name shields could have SOUTH on the left and NORTH on the right to be less confusing - if SCDOT was willing to come back and stick on an arrow, they could have gone that extra mile.

Heading NB with US 1 SB (basically facing west) across the Pee Dee River next to a railroad truss.

Continuing west into Cheraw, where the two routes join US 52 and SC 9 NB ends up heading south, first photo courtesy Lou Corsaro. Blame SC for signing the route north/south instead of its overall west/east across the top of the state.

Contrast the old and new SC route shields as SC 9 NB continues to head south, but at least resumes heading west, on Market St. East of right around Cheraw, SC 9 actually starts heading a bit more south. The only other place where the route heads something approximating north/south is Spartanburg, where the next set of photos were taken.

SC 9 used to come into Spartanburg on what are now SC 295 and 56, then following Church Rd. out to where 9 now once again comes back in from US 176. This awesome sign comes from that erstwhile US 221 duplex.

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